Runa had her seating assessment last week and got all fitted for a supportive piece of kit that will be arriving some time in the next 10 weeks. Runa’s wonderful physio had warned me I might find it difficult because it’s not the cuddliest looking thing and she was right. It really highlighted the fact that Runa has disabilities. But Ru’s physio supported me to see how beneficial the seat will be; how it supports her, how she doesn’t need to focus so much on holding herself up so that she can use her hands, practice her fine motor skills and play.

I’m on board, and I’m looking forward to it arriving, even if it’ll take a bit of getting used to.

In the mean time, my incredibly generous grandparents bought Runa a GoTo seat. Again, when she is sitting in it, it does highlight the fact that she is a child with disabilities. But it’s brilliant! It holds her up, giving her the support she needs, and as the name suggests, it can go everywhere with us!

Being able to use the seat in the house is already making it worth the money. Previously, if I had wanted to do dishes, hang up washing or even go to the toilet the choices for Runa would be to leave her on the floor or on the sofa. Leaving her on the floor doing tummy time would mean she would get fed up, roll on her back and not be able to see anything; making her bored and angry. If I left her sat up on the sofa, she could see everything, which was good… Until she would try to sit up straighter and fall flat on her face, risking falling off of the sofa.

The GoTo seat is safe and secure and holds her up perfectly so that she can see all around her. I can move it to the kitchen so she can watch me doing dishes, shove her in front of the TV if I need to go upstairs, or point her at Nina while she plays. Yes, Runa will get fed up and grumpy because she’s a girl who likes her cuddles. But even if she gets upset for a couple of minutes while I finish what I’m doing, I know she’s safe.

The GoTo seat fits in trolleys which has been a life saver. I had bought Runa a harness for the trolley but it didn’t have the support that she needs. Whether it’s because of her condition or her medication, Runa has regular cat naps, so the old harness wasn’t designed to hold her up in such an event. In the GoTo seat, of course her head will flop forward when she falls asleep, but due to the support it provides, she is held safe and upright, not having to worry about her bumping her head on the front of the trolley.

The GoTo seat also attaches to dining chairs. Until it arrived I’d been using a inflatable seat pillow from IKEA which worked great in some highchairs when we were out and about, but was useless in others. It was particularly useless when I regularly forgot to take it with me…
The GoTo seat will make dining out considerably better, knowing I don’t have to worry if the pillow will fit in whatever highchair might be on offer.

Finally, yet to be tested is the park! The GoTo seat fits in park swings and now that the warmer weather is slowly moving in, we’ll be trying out the park as soon as possible.

Now that Runa is a year old, things will be changing and more equipment will be coming her way. It’s not always going to be easy for me but I know that it is all necessary to support her to live life to the fullest. I’ve already seen the enormous benefits that the GoTo seat can provide (and we’ve had it for less than a week!) So when her chair arrives from the NHS I’m sure I’ll feel the same about that.

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