Meet the Team

If you would like to contact any of the Team individually, please put the attention of that person in the Subject line of the email.

We also have a selection of Volunteers who help Corpal in many ways from helping out at events or helping us source venues, and information relevant to our members.

If you would like further information or would like to become a Volunteer please email

Aspa Psaradellis - Chairperson

Aspazia Psaradellis

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Training to be a clinical (radiation) oncologist. Aspazia lives in Surrey with her husband, three-year old daughter, and 16 month old son who has complete ACC. Aspazia has a mission to change how ACC is perceived and interpreted. She has a special interest in school-age children with ACC and how they, their parents and teachers can be helped.

Yogesh pic

Yogesh Nakarja

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I have been a member for several years – at least 7-8 years+. I am a Financial advisor by trade and am delighted to help Corpal out as a their Treasurer.

My wife – Divya and I have two daughters – Sayona who is 26 years old and Sayal who is 24 years old.  Sayal has Partial Callosal agenesis and a Choroid Plexus Lipoma; the latter may not be related.  Also, It is believed though not proven that this may have led to her global developmental delay to date.

Sayal has become a true love for us – her mannerisms, character, apologetic & magnanimous nature are a genuine inspiration for us – she is not disabled but DIFABLED; she has amazing different abilities which reminds us of the true value of life and our role in a family  We are truly blessed to have her.

Joanne Carty - Trustee

Joanne Carty
Marketing Trustee

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I have been a member since 2009 and as a committee member since 2017. I have attended many of the Family Get-togethers over the years. My teenage daughter has ACC plus other disabilities including Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy, and Autism. I was lucky enough to have 5 year career break when she was born and I firmly believe this enabled me to be fully engaged with her physical and social development. Despite a very bleak prognosis and extreme encouragement to terminate the pregnancy; she has exceeded all expectations and is an amazing daughter and sister to her brother. I am always looking forward to meeting other members and raising the profile of Corpal.

Rachel Watson
Family contact/Social Media

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I am a young adult with ACC and the have taken on the role of the Scotland Contact for Corpal. I became involved with Corpal a few years ago when I joined the Facebook group which mum told me about. I reached all my milestones on time although I did go to speech therapy it is not confirmed my speech was affected by the ACC. I was told about the condition when I was 8 years old. At school I had extra help. I had someone scribe for me if the teacher was talking and we had to copy something from the board. I was bullied at high school but I had a group of supportive friends. I passed my exams at school and two college courses. I find it difficult to talk to new people and start conversations, I don’t always know if someone is joking or serious and when I was younger I didn’t understand body language or facial expressions. I am a volunteer for a charity shop and also a Heritage Centre. I would like to eventually have a job and was recently put on a waiting list for supported housing.


Keren Wyllie
Aicardi Syndrome contact/

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Hello, I’m Keren and I live with my husband and two daughters in Stirling. My youngest, Runa, was diagnosed with Aicardi syndrome when she was 17 weeks old in May 2018. I am the Scottish Aicardi syndrome contact for Corpal and I am happy to be contacted by families and individuals looking for support and information.

Jean Dalton - Administrator and Family Contact

Jean Dalton
Merchandise Officer

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I have been involved with Corpal for around 22 years now, initially as a member then an active member of the committee for over 15 years. My daughter who is now nearly 30 years, was diagnosed with dysgenesis of the CC, epilepsy, hemispherical cysts and a balanced translocation of the 1 and 12 chromosome. After a short break I returned to Corpal a couple of years ago as their administration officer and family contact.

Rhonda Booth 1

Dr Rhonda Booth
Research Consultant

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I am a Research Psychologist and Senior Teaching Fellow at Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, University College London (UCL). I have been involved with Corpal since 2005 when I began working on a research project comparing the social and cognitive abilities of individuals with ACC to those with autism spectrum conditions and typical development. I was very taken by the level of dedication of the Corpal Committee to help families to understand and support their loved ones affected by ACC. I also learnt about the struggles families often face in getting acknowledgement and support within the education system, despite the hard evidence of a brain difference in their child. I came on board as Corpal’s Research Consultant with the aim to help inform families on what we have learnt about ACC, particularly its impact on development and behaviour. I am a member of the International Research Consortium for the Corpus Callosum and Cerebral Connectivity (IRC5) and have attended their scientific meetings. I have presented my research findings at national and international conferences and helped increase awareness of the condition. I would like to develop a research programme within the UK to further understand why individuals with ACC have widely different symptoms and outcomes and how can we best support them. I am immensely grateful of the time families give to research and believe there is a lot we can learn from each other – thank you and I look forward to meeting you at future Corpal meetings!

Jack Griffiths
IT Officer

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I Joined Corpal in February 2021 as their IT support Officer. Since that time, I am now working in a full time position for a local IT Support company, due to this I will continue on a volunteer basis for Corpal, helping the Team update their website plus general help with any technical issues along the way. I am looking forward to working with Corpal over the coming months. Please do not hesitate to contact me via the email if you have any queries about the website.


Pete Jones
Fundraising Officer

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I live in Bedfordshire with my wife and son, who was born in July 2020 and has complete ACC.  As the Fundraising Trustee I want to help others raise money to support Corpal’s mission.  If you have any fundraising ideas or need support in your own efforts please contact me.