Corpal Conference 2020 is unlikely to go ahead. Reason being we tried to find out how much support there would be for a weekend get together to include speakers. Sadly we did not get the feedback required to confidently commit Corpal funds raised mainly by some of our members hard work to set a date and venue.  So we have decided to try and re organise an event in 2021.

In the meantime, we will be holding regional events, mainly family get togethers to so members all over the Uk can get to know each other. We will announce various details in the next Newsletter due out early April. PLEASE CHECK THE LATEST NEWS FOR DATES OF EVENTS.

For those who responded to our plea of support for a 2020 Conference, Thank you and we really appreciate it and we hope not to disapooint you and still go ahead in a couple of years.

We would still be interested in hearing from ANYONE if you would like us to organise a weekend Conference, as Corpal still plans to go ahead at some point.